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Zyro, Coming Soon!


Don't Drone Alone

  • Building Zyro

  • Fine-tuning the technology

  • The evolution of Zyro

  • Use the Zyro app to get started

  • Choose your game

  • Choose your field

  • Zyro sets its own boundaries

  • Ready for launch...

  • Takeoff!

  • Zyro in flight

  • Play with Zyro

  • Multiplayer aerial gaming

Drone games for you,
your family and friends

  • Ricochet Zyro off virtual walls in the sky

    Choose your game - pong, soccer, chase or more

    Dodge, soar and bounce within the invisible court

    Hear the action live as Zyro zips, pings and whips

  • Easy to set up, soar and score

    Box to sky, no assembly required

    No master drone skills needed

    Fly and auto land inside the invisible court

  • Play solo or up to 8 players for team competition

    Swing and spin Zyro with a wave of a wand

    Pass and ricochet Zyro between players

    Create your own rules, field size and game

  • Get your own drone in the game

    Attach Zyro Drone Remote to your own quadcopters

    Choose teams and pass Zyro between drones to score

    Don't Drone Alone!

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